Firefox multiple keywords search addon – yo5oee

I was asked by yo5oee if are there any Firefox addon which allow multiple keywords search.
The main goal is to find and highlight keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, etc. and these combinattion:
keyword1 keyword2
keyword2 keyword3
keyword1 keyword2 keyword3
I have never heard about such a multiple keyword search addon. I looked for it on Firefox addon page but found nothing.

Setup Ubuntu

This is not an installation guide for UBUNTU Linux.
Just a description what you should do after installation, to get a perfect operating system based on UBUNTU.

Even this is not an installation guide, let me tell you what I am care about before installation:

  • Before all, I always make try of Live CD. YOu can burn it to a blank CD, or just put the .iso file to your hard disk and run the Live system and check if eveything is OK.
  • Backup you existing data
  • Think carefully about partitioning scheme you want to use
  • I do not use LVM (logical volumes), and don’t recomment to use because there are not any tool to read these partinion outside of you Linux installation
  • Use ext4 filesystem, it’s much better than then previous ext3
  • Upgrade your BIOS. Maybe you’ll find it funny, but when there is a new upgrade or OS installation, firstly I look for a BIOS upgrade if exists. It’s not related to Ubuntu and you can have a better BIOS.

So when you have you system up and run, you can start your UBUNTU optimization:

Run Synaptic or Update Manager

Update your system

Add some alias to avoid to much typing

gedit /root/.bashrc

Add these lines:

alias pinggo='ping'; #an alias for ping google
alias h='cd /home'; #change quicker to a directory
alias logd='cd /var/log/'; #idem
alias unrar='unrar x '; #unrar need the default parameter to extract files
alias du='du -h '; #print human readable file space size

Enable bash programmed autocompletion

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Wordpress remove » / » from page title

To remove » / » from wordpress script, edit header.php in your theme files and change:




Joomla change “Welcome to the front page”

yo5ofh asked me.
Welcome to the frontpage - Joomla title

Welcome to the front page is the default front page title of a fresh Joomla.
I am testing a joomla installation and it seems that is not easy to find out where to change the Welcome to the frontpage title.

After a bit of search I found the solution, in admin area, edit Menus, main menu. There is the ‘Home’ click it and on the right side, Parameters (system) that’s the point where the front page title can be changed.

Wordpress: Remove “Blog Archive” from page title

To remove Blog Archive from blog post title, in administrative area of your blog use Theme Editor, edit header.php.

Replace this code:

bloginfo('name'); ?> < ?php if ( is_single() ) { ?> < ?php } ?> < ?php wp_title(); ?>

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Homebrew HF SSB transceivers

Some days ago I discussed about a project with yo5at about making a homemade (homebrew) HF SSB transceiver.

yo5at has already been built many home made HF and UHF transceivers. He’ll come with the homebrew transceiver main ideas and plan.
I am going to design the digital part reusing some ideas from existing DDS VFO. I’ll come with strong ideas :) on digital section.

Here are some websites ideas we’re going to inspire:
Homemade / homebrew transceivers

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Welcome. My name is Vanyi Istvan. This is my (yo5ofj) personal website.
I considered it’s time to enter the blogging word. Also it’s a good place to have data storing system for my ideas and for my friends to help them.

Ham Radio is my first hobby. I got my license in 1994.
My call sign is yo5ofj.

Anyway follow me on twitter:

    follow me on Twitter

    Wordpress: Hide protected post on Recent Post widget

    I am using the WP Hide Post and I didn’t like that the password protected posts are displayed on the front Recent Post section.

    I added 2 small php code and now there are no protected posts on Recent Post.

    The way is:

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    Virtual ham radio transceiver

    Don’t you have a transceiver?
    WebSDR is an online virtual transceiver. You can listen the traffic on 20m, 40m and 80m.

    websdr virtual transceiver

    Another WebSDR transceiver can be found at w4mq. It supports 160m and 40m amateur band.

    Have fun!

    TEHNIUM magazine archive

    Looking for some home made transcivers I’ve found  TEHNIUM magazine archive.

    The page contains the numbers of magazine TEHNIUM since 1971 to 2001.