Homebrew SDR transceivers

Homebrew SDR transceivers by radio amateurs.

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homebrew SDR transceivers

HF SDR (Software Defined Radio) transceivers

HF SDR transceiver – YU1LM

Low power SDR HF I/Q S/H (Sample and Hold) transceiver CW,SSB.- ADTRX1 from 30 kHz-35 MHz with external LO

HF SDR transceiver

HF SDR transceiver called ADTRX1 (analog + digital) is compilation of the results and previously published designs. ADTRX1 is working to the 35 MHz and it is a very simple and promising design all with classic size thru holes components. It is very good introduction in to the new SDR technique of the HF transceiver design. Most of demanding specification for HF transceivers are in software now, not in hardware like in classic HF transceiver design. Part 1 is giving description main ADTRX1 board, results and basic connections

Software defined radio transceiver

Schematics diagram are available: read more

Avala-01 SDR transceiver 1.5Mhz-52Mhz

SDR HF I/Q S/H (Sample and Hold) Transceivers – ADTRX-2 30 kHz -51 MHz and Mono-band One Board QRP 5W SDR HF Transceiver – AVALA-01 from 1.5 MHz- 52 MHz

SDR receiver transmitter

The ADTRX-2 is a new version of my SDR transceivers ADTRX1 and ADTRX1-1. The design is based on new DR2A+ receiver version which is giving better overall transceiver specification. Transceiver is realized now as one single side PCB design with classic size through hole components..
New mono-band SDR transceiver AVALA-01 is ADTRX-2 transceiver with built in power amplifier and band oscillator all on one board. Transceiver is optimized for work with one sound card and Duncan M0KGK software. With unique PC control setup AVALA-01 is working in all other programs and with all types modulations SSB, CW, DIGITAL….also.


Schematics diagram are available: read more

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  1. prima Says:

    Dear Mr.,
    I’m telecommunication student from Indonesia, i want to study about sdr and i have some question for you :
    1. I want to build 3 node HF SDR n i want them to connect each other, so they can form a network. For each node i will use HF SDR transceiver – YU1LM , is this plan possible to make?
    2. What software i should use? is your HF SDR transceiver – YU1LM hardware compatible with powerSDR ?
    Thanks for your attention

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