Homebrew HF SSB transceivers

Some days ago I discussed about a project with yo5at about making a homemade (homebrew) HF SSB transceiver.

yo5at has already been built many home made HF and UHF transceivers. He’ll come with the homebrew transceiver main ideas and plan.
I am going to design the digital part reusing some ideas from existing DDS VFO. I’ll come with strong ideas :) on digital section.

Here are some websites ideas we’re going to inspire:
Homemade / homebrew transceivers

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Welcome. My name is Vanyi Istvan. This is my (yo5ofj) personal website.
I considered it’s time to enter the blogging word. Also it’s a good place to have data storing system for my ideas and for my friends to help them.

Ham Radio is my first hobby. I got my license in 1994.
My call sign is yo5ofj.

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